14th January 2017


The prices of super petrol, diesel and kerosene in Kenya have changed by a small margin in the latest price review by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

The new prices announced today will take effect from tomorrow, 15th January 2017, and will be in force until the next price review on 14th February. In today's price announcement, ERC urged oil marketing companies to compete below the maximum calculated prices.

On average, the price of Super Petrol increases by Kshs 1.81 per litre. The price of Diesel drops by Kshs 2.99 while Kerosene decreases by Kshs 0.12.

The changes in this month’s prices were a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increasing from US$ 503.93 per ton in November 2016 to US$ 530.24 per ton in December 2016. The average landed cost of Diesel decreased from US$ 478.11 per ton to US$ 446.84 per ton while that of Kerosene decreased from US$ 500.45 per ton to US$ 487.91 per ton.

Over the same period, the mean monthly US Dollar to Kenya Shilling exchange rate remained fairly stable at KShs 102.41 per US$ in December 2016, compared to KShs 101.86 per US$ in November 2016.

A summary of petroleum pump prices for major towns in Kenya can be viewed through the following link: View all petroleum pump prices.