Vision, Mission & Values

“To be a globally respected regulator enabling access to energy for socio-economic transformation.”

“To facilitate access to efficient and sustainable energy through enabling regulation that will contribute to better quality of life in Kenya.”

Rallying Call
“Quality energy for quality life.”

Core Corporate Values
In line with our Vision and Mission statement, the Commission commits itself to embrace the following core corporate values:-

1. Professionalism
ERC will uphold high standards of professionalism, and all members of the Board of Commissioners and professional staff are expected to adhere to their codes of ethics.

2. Predictability
ERC will follow clearly defined rules and regulations in the delivery of its services.

3. Integrity
ERC will ensure the highest levels of integrity in all its work.

4. Responsiveness
ERC will endeavor to be sensitive and expeditious in dealing with stakeholders.

5. Teamwork
ERC will at all times, embrace teamwork, mutual cooperation and appreciation of diverse perspectives in the discharge of its functions.

6. Transparency
ERC will conduct its work at all times in a transparent manner, making information readily accessible internally and externally to stakeholders and consulting widely.

7. Accountability
ERC will ensure the highest levels of accountability in all its work.

8. Independence
ERC will ensure the highest levels of independence in all its work.