• EHS Audit and Environmental Impact Assessment review

The Commission carries out Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) assessment of proposed projects; and carries out audits of existing energy facilities.

Objectives of the EHS assessments:

  1. Prevent accidents such as rupture of pipelines, truck accidents, LPG cylinder explosion, electrocution, LPG fires.
  2. Protect human health and ensure safety – check pollution levels at power plants (e.g. thermal/geothermal etc), petroleum depots, petrol stations, LPG plants and compare against recommended technical standards and guidelines (local & international).
  3. Protect the environment – protect water resources from pollution by hydrocarbons and other contaminants, protect the air from harmful emissions.
  4. Conserve resources for existing and future generations.

EHS audits are carried out at utilities within the energy sector using a comprehensive audit protocol designed on the basis of National EHS requirements and international EHS best practices to check the following:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and licensing conditions
  • Leadership, Commitment and Accountability – Determines success of an EHS management system. Checks establishment of EHS policies and procedures
  • Crisis Management – ability and preparedness to deal with emergencies and accidents; assessment of the hazards and risks of such unplanned events


  • Accidents and Incidents investigation

 Accident and incident investigation of is one of the core functions of the Energy Regulatory commission. The activity is organized by Electricity and Petroleum departments in collaboration with the EHS department.

Under Section 117 (Subsection 1) of the Energy Act No. 12 of 2006 ‘all persons engaged in any undertaking or activity pursuant to a licence or permit under this Act shall notify the Commission in writing, in the form and manner prescribed by the Commission, of any accident or incident causing loss of life, personal injury, explosion, oil spill, fire or any other accident or incident causing significant harm or damage to the environment or property’’. The Commission is mandated to direct an investigation to be carried out into any accident or incident under subsection (1) and take such action as it deems necessary.